Are Hairdressers in Wellington City charging you too much for your hairstyles & hair colour?

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As a Karori hairdresser with 25 years experience, we know how to make you look great – to give you the haircuts & hairstyles that will make your friends say WOW!

We listen to what you want and can show you what’s possible with your hair type.
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Save money with Taboo Hair Salon

Why are so many clients leaving the city hairdressers to go to suburban hair salons?

“The only difference between suburban and inner city hair salons in Wellington is the price”, says Tina Fox – Professional Hairstylist at Taboo Hair Salon in Karori.

Tina, who has been a hairdresser for over 25 years and has previously worked in several inner city hair salons, said that “Because the rents are so high in the Wellington CBD area, the city salons have no choice but to pass on the extra cost to their clients”.

“The reality is that clients are losing money by paying as much as 35% more to the landlords for the privilege of having city hairdressers cut and style their hair, not to mention the additional parking costs too”.

Clients could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year simply by driving
as little as 5-10 minutes out of town to a karori hairdresser of equal skills, qualifications and experience. For exactly the same quality (or better) result.

Or for the cost of a Junior entry-level hairdresser in town doing your hair, you’d likely get a well experienced Senior-level hairstyist in the suburbs
(such as myself) for practically the same price. It’s just better value for money.


Services and pricing

Prices effective 18 January 2019. GST inclusive. 

Click here for a full list of prices and services including hair colouring, highlights, foiling, balayage, ombre, conditionings, special occasion hairstyles, hair extensions and eyebrow threadings. 

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Popular Styles

Balayage highlighting makeover

Our Hair Colourist used a highlighting technique called Balayage for this hair colour model makeover [pictured]. Balayage produces a great sun-kissed, free-flowing highlighting effect that has become very popular in Europe and America. 

Several Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, have all recently chosen Balayage hair colour styles for their new glamorous looks. Now you can too – as this service is available at our Wellington salon.

Pink Hair - Rock star style

Have you ever wanted to try this radical hair colour style? 
Wow Factor –

Popular music stars like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Gwen Stefani and Lily Allen have all created their own media sensations when they dyed their hair a radiant neon pink. 
Nothing can make a individual stand out more from the mediocre crown than long fluorescent pink hair. It’s certainly a major talking point and without doubt very cool if done well.

Taboo’s Hair Colour Specialist reproduces the popstar celebrity look and explains some of the advanced hair colouring techniques she used to achieve this awesome end result. 

Special occasion updos / hair ups

Are you looking for a new hair-up style for your wedding, ball or special event? 

Hair up styles can be extremely complex and involved. 

Selecting a hair up stylist with creative flair and extensive experience is a must if you’re after a professional finish. The last thing you want is to have trouble with your hair up design and suffer unnecessary delays on your special day.

With 20 years of hairdressing, Tina has seen many junior and even senior hair stylists suffer anxiety attacks and completely stress out while doing hair ups, especially bridal hair up styles. 
Several times in the past she has had to jump in and help colleagues finish clients. Hair up styling is definitely an area that separates hairdressers from the true hair stylists.

Please don’t hesitate to Tina if you need any help with hair ups. She is available for free consultations and would be happy to discuss your needs. 

Be sure to book early.

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Best tips for choosing good Wellington hairdressers

The problem with many hairdressers is that they’ve been working at the same place for years, doing the same clients, the same old hairstyles since who knows when.

Your hairstyle is important

You bet it is! Your haircut and hairstyle is an extension of yourself, it can project an image to the world that can say a lot about you, who you are and  what you’re about and can affect the way people perceive you.

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